High Country Cabin
A Tiny Shelter in the Heart of the Mackenzie Country


I see you're in a remote area, do you have a policy about adverse weather?

High Country Cabin is in a non urban area. As such the roads to and from town can (not common but possible) become blocked in unusual weather events due to high amounts of snowfall. This is beyond our control. It is the guest's responsibility to keep track of upcoming weather events. In the event that unusually high snowfall is predicted and the guest chooses to relocate elsewhere, High Country Cabin will accept a cancellation and issue a refund on any unused nights if notified before the checkout. A weather forecast from a reputable weather forecasting website must be used as documentation for the cancellation.

can we have outdoor fires at high country cabin?

Our region is a high alpine desert environment, and we are a long distance from emergency services. Fire can spread quickly and with devastating results. The local fire authority has a complete fire ban in place and fires are via permit only. Severe penalties apply 

Do you allow pets at High country cabin?

Unfortunately, no. Our neighbours have livestock and we have to have a policy in place that prevents domestic pets from disturbing their livelihood.