High Country Cabin
A Tiny Shelter in the Heart of the Mackenzie Country
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Frequently asked questions

Where Exactly Are you?

We're about 15 minutes outside of Twizel heading towards Lake Ohau, on the South Island of New Zealand

Do you need a 4wd to access the cabin?

No! Although the last couple kilometres are gravel roads, they are well maintained. The last section of track leading to the cabin can get soft depending on the weather, but drive slowly and you'll be fine

I see when booking that you don't allow pets? Why?

We're surrounded by properties that have livestock. While we love pets and wish we could be more pet friendly, some pets are not used to seeing other animals and bad things could happen.


Why Can't I have a fire on the ground like I see in the corona ads?

We're in a unique alpine desert environment, isolated from town services. High winds frequent the area and the fire risk is very real. This is a local authority requirement and must be observed!

What is the ETIQUETTE for driving on gravel roads?

New Zealand roads authority material recommends a top speed of 70kph. We think 60kph as a max speed on Manuka Terrace is plenty but we're not your mum. When seeing another vehicle or pedestrian, it's important to slow to a crawl. Dust is kicked up by vehicles and slowing down to not cover a shepherd or cyclist in a dust storm feels right.

Why don't you have a tV?